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Judge: Govt. asked Google for too much data in gender case - Mon 17 Jul 17

An administrative law judge has ruled that Labor Department officials investigating gender pay bias had asked Google for data in a way that's too broad and intrusive on employee privacy.

Judge: Govt. asked Google for too much data in gender case, AP - Mon 17 Jul 17
Judge: Govt. asked Google for too much data in gender case, AP - Mon 17 Jul 17

The Labor Department just lost a battle with Google over its alleged gender pay gap

The Washington Post - Sun 16 Jul 17

The decision is a blow to officials trying to uncover evidence of inequality.

Google's confidentiality rules discourage whistleblowers, US labor official warns - Wed 19 Jul 17

Google denies claim as US official describes ‘chilling effect’, saying employees have expressed fear company’s strict policy prevents them from speaking outThe US Department of Labor has ...

Judge limits salary data Google has to give Labor Department - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Mon 17 Jul 17

The federal government had asked for nearly two decades of data in a gender equality case. A judge called that "unreasonable" and "unduly burdensome."

Judge sides with Google in its battle with the Labor Department over employee pay data

TechCrunch - Sun 16 Jul 17

 On Friday, an administrative law judge handed Google a victory, ruling that it does not need to hand over all the data requested by the Department of Labor as part of an audit of the company’s ...

Google told to hand over salary details in gender equality court battle - Sun 16 Jul 17

Judge rules tech giant must give US federal department snapshot of its 2014 pay records as part of pay discrimination caseA judge has ordered Google to hand over salary records to the government ...

Judge: Gov't. bid for Google workers' data too broad

USA today - Sun 16 Jul 17

Federal investigators won’t get access to all of the details they want on Google employees in wage discrimination case        

Google wins fight with Labor Department over pay gap data

Engadget - Sun 16 Jul 17

Google appears to have emerged mostly triumphant in its fight with the Department of Labor over supplying pay gap data. An administrative law judge has ruled that the Office of Federal ...