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Equifax takes down web page after new security scare - Thu 12 Oct 17

Equifax said Thursday it took down a web page and began investigating a possible cyber incident, weeks after disclosing a breach of personal data at the credit agency that affected some 145 ...

Equifax removes part of its website following discovery of adware-loaded Flash update

Techspot - Fri 13 Oct 17

As if facing numerous lawsuits, a damaged reputation, and a US Justice Department criminal investigation wasn’t bad enough, it briefly looked as if Equifax’s website had suffered ...

Equifax website showed you ads full of malware, expert finds - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Thu 12 Oct 17

A security analyst spots malicious advertisements on the Equifax website, which could have tricked visitors into downloading unwanted software.

Equifax says systems not compromised in latest cyber scare

Reuters Technology - Thu 12 Oct 17

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Equifax Inc said on Thursday that one of its third-party vendors had been running malicious code on one its web pages, but that the credit reporting agency was not the subject ...

Equifax removes webpage after malware issue

BBC Technology - Thu 12 Oct 17

The firm is still reeling since disclosure of an earlier cyber-breach that affected millions in the US and UK.

Equifax Website Hacked to Serve Malware Because of Course It Was

Extremetech - Thu 12 Oct 17

Equifax's website has been hacked and turned into a malware distribution point, possibly thanks to an insecure analytics script or third-party ad network. The post Equifax Website Hacked to ...

Equifax may have been breached again

USA today - Thu 12 Oct 17

Equifax took part of its website offline after a security analyst reported a malicious link on the site that encouraged him to download malware.        

Watch out, Equifax may have been hacked again by adware - CNET

CNET - Thu 12 Oct 17

Be careful, Equifax's site might be hacked by crappy ads.

Equifax Website Hacked Again, Distributes Fake Adobe Flash Plugin Spreading Malware

HotHardware - Thu 12 Oct 17

Come on, Equifax, you're killing us here. We were already positively dumbfounded when Equifax reported that a security breach resulted in the personal information of over 140 million Americans ...

Equifax may have been hacked again

Engadget - Thu 12 Oct 17

When Equifax's interim CEO penned a letter of apology on The Wall Street Journal, he admitted that it will take a lot of effort to regain people's trust. Unfortunately, the ...

Equifax website hacked again, this time to redirect to fake Flash update

Arstechnica - Thu 12 Oct 17

Malware researcher encounters bogus download links during multiple visits.