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Google guru Page tests flying taxis in New Zealand - Tue 13 Mar 18

Self-piloted flying taxis are being tested in New Zealand as part of a project backed by Google co-founder Larry Page that supporters say will revolutionise personal transport.

Kitty Hawk autonomous flying taxi officially unveiled

Gizmag - Tue 13 Mar 18

Kitty Hawk, the same group of California dreamers who introduced the leisure-focused Flyer last year, has revealed an all-electric, self-piloted air taxi in New Zealand. The company, ...

Kitty Hawk Unveils Its Cora Flying Taxi

Ubergizmo - Tue 13 Mar 18

The modes of transportation in which we are used to right now will definitely change in the future, like how people used to walk, before riding horses, to horse-drawn carriages, to cars, motorbikes, ...

This Futuristic Flying Car Requires Zero Piloting Skills

Livescience - Tue 13 Mar 18

A "flying car" company funded by Google co-founder Larry Page seems to finally have a prototype that looks something like a personal aircraft people might actually use.

Larry Page’s New Startup Announces ‘Cora’ Autonomous Flying Taxi

Extremetech - Tue 13 Mar 18

It can take off and land vertically like a helicopter, so it doesn't need a runway. However, it's only going to operate in New Zealand during the prototype testing phase. The post Larry Page’s ...

Electric, self-flying, vertical takeoff taxis are coming to New Zealand

Arstechnica - Tue 13 Mar 18

The vehicle can fly 62 miles and doesn't need a pilot.

Larry Page's flying taxi service starts regulatory approval process in New Zealand

Techspot - Tue 13 Mar 18

Back in June 2016, news broke that Google co-founder Larry Page was secretly funding two companies that were developing flying vehicles. Now, one of these firms, Kitty Hawk, is about to start ...

'Flying taxi' backed by Google co-founder prepares to take flight

USA today - Tue 13 Mar 18

The aircraft named Cora will make its first stop in New Zealand.        

Kitty Hawk will bring autonomous flying taxis to New Zealand - Roadshow

CNET Cutting Edge - Tue 13 Mar 18

The secretive company, financed by Google co-founder Larry Page, has finally broken cover.

Self-flying air taxi lifts off in New Zealand

BBC Technology - Tue 13 Mar 18

A firm funded by Google founder Larry Page has unveiled an electric, self-flying air taxi, developed in New Zealand.

Google co-founder’s Kitty Hawk unveils is electric autonomous flying taxi

TechCrunch - Tue 13 Mar 18

 Kitty Hawk, the company led by the ‘godfather of self-driving cars’ Sebastian Thrun and backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, has revealed its Cora aircraft, which is a hybrid ...

Larry Page's Kitty Hawk unveils autonomous flying taxis - Tue 13 Mar 18

Two-person, 110mph electric craft made by Google co-founder’s drone company begins regulatory approval process in New ZealandAutonomous flying taxis just took one big step forward to leaping ...

Kitty Hawk begins certifying its self-flying taxis for service in New Zealand

TechCrunch - Tue 13 Mar 18

 The flying car company led by Udacity CEO Sebastian Thrun and backed by Google co-founder Larry Page is breaking cover with a new deal that will see it test its autonomous electric air ...

Cora flying taxi could be in service in New Zealand by 2021

Daily Mail - Tue 13 Mar 18

New Zealand's government has announced an agreement to test the vehicles, revealed for the first time in stunning footage, in the country.

Larry Page’s flying taxis approach regulatory approval in New Zealand

The Verge - Tue 13 Mar 18

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern is set to announce a new agreement with a company financed by Google co-Founder Larry Page to test autonomous air taxis for official certification ...

The Morning After: Larry Page's other flying car

Engadget - Tue 13 Mar 18

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. We have more news from SXSW, including a quick recap of Elon Musk's sold-out talk. Elsewhere, Larry Page showed off an autonomous flying ...

Larry Page's autonomous air taxi 'Cora' flies in New Zealand

Engadget - Tue 13 Mar 18

Reports surfaced in 2016 that Google co-founder (and now Alphabet CEO) Larry Page had two "flying car" projects in the works, and while we saw the Flyer recreational vehicle ...

Larry Page Self-Flying Air Taxi Cora Takes To The Air In New Zealand

CleanTechnica - Thu 15 Mar 18

Last we wrote about Larry Page and his research into the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) Kitty Hawk project, his electric flying bicycle was taking off, virtually. In the meantime, "Cora" ...

Kitty Hawk’s autonomous VTOL air taxi unveiled in New Zealand

The Engineer - Wed 14 Mar 18

An electric air taxi that can take off vertically and fly autonomously has been undergoing testing in New Zealand. Known as Cora, the prototype has been developed by Kitty Hawk, a Silicon Valley-based ...

Autonomous flying taxis will soon take to the air in New Zealand tests

Techradar - Tue 13 Mar 18

Run by former Google self-driving car gurus, Kitty Hawk hopes to one day take its self-flying service worldwide.

Kitty Hawk is testing electric self-flying taxis in New Zealand

Inhabitat - Tue 13 Mar 18

Self-flying taxis could zip through the skies of New Zealand if Kitty Hawk has anything to do about it. Financed by Google co-founder Larry Page, the company has reached an agreement with the ...

Google’s cofounder has revealed his flying car

Fastcompany Tech - Tue 13 Mar 18

Google cofounder and Alphabet CEO Larry Page has revealed Cora, the first flying car to come out of Kitty Hawk, a startup Page invested in in 2016, reports CNBC. Cora is fully autonomous and ...