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T-Mobile fined over false ringtones

BBC Technology - Tue 17 Apr 18

The firm paid $40m (£27m) over claims it employed false ringtones rather than fixing call problems.

T-Mobile Fined $40 Million Over False Ringtones In Rural Areas

Ubergizmo - Tue 17 Apr 18

When it comes to choosing a cell service provider, there are things to consider such as the rates of calls, texts, how much data is given, are there any perks, and more importantly, coverage. ...

T-Mobile deceived customers with “false ring tones” on failed phone calls

Arstechnica - Mon 16 Apr 18

FCC fines T-Mobile $40M for rural call failures, but requires no refunds.

T-Mobile agrees to $40 million fine for fake ringing on outgoing calls

Techspot - Mon 16 Apr 18

After being caught playing ringing sounds to customers on outgoing calls that never actually connected, T-Mobile has agreed to settle with the FCC for $40 million. Customers were lead to believe ...

T-Mobile owes the FCC $40 million for playing fake ringtones in unconnected calls

The Verge - Mon 16 Apr 18

T-Mobile has to pay $40 million as part of a settlement after the FCC ruled that it violated the law by adding fake ringtones to hundreds of millions of calls over several years. ...

T-Mobile hit with $40M fine for fake ring tones in rural calls - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Mon 16 Apr 18

The Un-carrier admitted that it failed to correct problems with rural calls, and even injected fake ring tones to simulate the completion of calls.

T-Mobile will pay $40 million for failing to fix rural calls

Engadget - Mon 16 Apr 18

T-Mobile has agreed to pay (PDF) the FCC $40 million for failing to fix ongoing call failures for rural customers. The carrier previously claimed that it had resolved the problem, but ...

T-Mobile to pay $40 million over false ring tones on rural U.S. calls

Reuters Technology - Mon 16 Apr 18

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - T-Mobile USA Inc agreed on Monday to pay $40 million to resolve a government investigation that found it failed to correct problems with delivering calls in rural areas ...

T-Mobile to pay $40 million penalty for inserting false ring tones in rural U.S. calls, Reuters Technology - Mon 16 Apr 18

FCC dings T-Mobile $40M for faking rings on calls that never connected

TechCrunch - Mon 16 Apr 18

T-Mobile will pay $40 million as part of a settlement with the FCC for playing ringing sounds to mislead customers into thinking their calls were going through when in fact they had never connected ...

T-Mobile inserted fake ring tones in “hundreds of millions” of non-connecting calls

Fastcompany Tech - Mon 16 Apr 18

The Federal Communications Commission said today T-Mobile will pay a $40 million fine for failing to connect rural phone calls in Wisconsin and other states. The FCC initiated an investigation ...