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Twitter shift aims to deliver more news on timelines - Wed 13 Jun 18

Twitter said Wednesday it would revamp user timelines as part of an effort to deliver more news and personalized content, the latest effort to attract more users to the platform.

Twittter overhauls its Moments and Explore tabs to make it easier to follow live events

Daily Mail - Wed 13 Jun 18

On Wednesday, the tech giant announced that it's making some major updates to the Explore and Moments tabs. Many of the changes will roll out to US iOS/Android users in the coming months. ...

Twitter's big new update will suck you into news - CNET

CNET - Wed 13 Jun 18

More news, less hate?

Twitter updates app to highlight big events, news stories

Reuters Technology - Wed 13 Jun 18

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Twitter Inc said on Wednesday it is changing its service to give more space to major events such as the World Cup, earthquakes, royal weddings and elections in a bid ...

Twitter is making it easier to follow your favorite topics and events

Engadget - Wed 13 Jun 18

Twitter has always been the ideal site for conversations and reactions around live events, be it a sports game, an awards show or serious breaking news. Up until today, you've ...

Twitter makes Moments vertical like every other timeline

Engadget - Wed 13 Jun 18

Twitter Moments bring together tweets and information about a topic that you may not get through your timeline alone and since 2015, they've provided users with a single place ...

Twitter is putting more live news events in your timeline and notifications

The Verge - Wed 13 Jun 18

Twitter’s quest to create a definition for itself that everybody can understand is turning another corner today. At the top of your timeline — or perhaps even in your notifications ...

Twitter’s next big move is a revamped hub for everything you want to see

TechCrunch - Wed 13 Jun 18

The chronological news feed has been a bit of a looming specter for Twitter . Sure, it’s their bread-and-butter but it only works for users who are willing to put in the time to prune ...

Twitter Announces Changes Ahead of World Cup

Voice of America - Wed 13 Jun 18

Twitter announced Wednesday it would be updating its services to make it easier for users to find content about major events such as natural disasters and the FIFA World Cup that begins on Thursday. "We're ...

Twitter is taking a new pass at making the news come to you

Fastcompany Tech - Wed 13 Jun 18

The company has big plans to make following news easier. But it will have to make sure that its new features aren’t beset by old problems. Throughout this decade, Twitter has been a uniquely ...