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Here’s how many followers Trump, Obama and others lost in Twitter’s purge of locked accounts

The Washington Post - Fri 13 Jul 18

Donald Trump, Barack Obama and other high-profile Twitter users saw their follower counts drop on Thursday as the social media network purged locked accounts.

Donald Trump Twitter account loses vast number of followers amid fake account purge

The Independent - Fri 13 Jul 18

All big accounts are being hit by the change

Twitter to delete 6% of all accounts in huge cull

The Independent - Thu 12 Jul 18

Twitter purge will see tens of millions of suspicious accounts deleted

Twitter sweeps 'locked' accounts from follower tally - Wed 11 Jul 18

Twitter said Wednesday users are likely to see "follower" numbers drop as the service stops adding in potentially dubious or fraudulent accounts.

Get ready: Your Twitter followers are about to drop.

The Washington Post - Wed 11 Jul 18

On Wednesday, the social media service said it would begin removing large numbers of Twitter profiles that had been included in people’s follower counts -- the latest in a series of hard choices ...

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he lost thousands of followers after the latest purge of fake accounts

Daily Mail - Fri 13 Jul 18

Twitter this week said that it was purging locked accounts from users' follower counts, marking its latest effort to crack down on fake accounts, bots and harassment on the platform. ...

Twitter removes suspended and abusive accounts from follower counts - Fri 13 Jul 18

Most popular users appear to lose millions of followers in crackdown on problem accountsEgos have been bruised on Twitter after the social network initiated a change to how it tracks followers ...

Top Twitter users lose two percent of followers on average as policy changes

Reuters Technology - Thu 12 Jul 18

A Twitter Inc policy change on Thursday to increase the service's credibility cost its 100 most popular users about 2 percent of their followers, on average, according to social media data ...

President Trump loses 300K followers in Twitter purge - CNET

CNET - Thu 12 Jul 18

You can watch @realDonaldTrump's follower count live.

Fake Twitter users: Celebrities lose followers amid crackdown

BBC Technology - Thu 12 Jul 18

Some users, such as Katy Perry and Barak Obama, lost more than two million followers.

Twitter purge wipes out a big chunk of Trump, Obama followers — and Twitter's own

USA today - Thu 12 Jul 18

Twitter's most famous user, President Trump, saw roughly 200,000 of his 53.4 million followers vanish. Barack Obama bid farewell to a couple million. Most people likely saw a ...

Locked accounts will no longer contribute towards your Twitter follower count

Techspot - Wed 11 Jul 18

If you recently saw your Twitter follower count take a steep dive, you aren't alone. Twitter recently tweaked the way follower numbers are registered, in the interest of making the numbers more ...

Twitter is culling millions of locked accounts

Daily Mail - Wed 11 Jul 18

Twitter is globally culling accounts in an effort to 'improve the health' of conversation on the platform following criticism over its policing (stock image).

Twitter removes locked accounts from follower counts - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Wed 11 Jul 18

If you have a lot of followers, prepare for a plummet.

Twitter Follower Count Will No Longer Include Locked Accounts

Ubergizmo - Wed 11 Jul 18

Twitter is changing the way the follower count is measured on its platform. The company today confirmed that it will no longer include accounts in publicly posted follower counts that have ...

Why Donald Trump and Barack Obama are about to lose a lot of Twitter followers

USA today - Wed 11 Jul 18

Donald Trump and Barack Obama could be among those to lose the most Twitter followers as frozen accounts are removed from follower counts.        

Twitter is removing locked accounts from your follower count

Engadget - Wed 11 Jul 18

Your Twitter follower count might soon shrink. The microblogging service announced today that it will begin purging locked accounts from your follower count starting this week. "Most ...

Twitter follower counts drop after a change in how they are counted

The Verge - Wed 11 Jul 18

Twitter will stop including accounts that have been locked for bad behavior in publicly posted follower counts, the company said today. Accounts that are locked for violating the ...

Hold for the drop: Twitter to purge locked accounts from follower metrics

TechCrunch - Wed 11 Jul 18

Twitter is making a major change aimed at cleaning up the spammy legacy of its platform. This week it will globally purge accounts that it has previously locked — after suspecting them ...

Twitter users to see drop in followers amid crackdown on 'problem' accounts - Wed 11 Jul 18

Locked accounts will be removed from follower numbers, as company targets spread of abuse and misinformationTwitter users will see a drop in their follower counts this week as the company clamps ...

In Purge, Twitter Removing 'Suspicious' Followers

Voice of America - Wed 11 Jul 18

Social networking platform Twitter announced Wednesday it will be removing accounts it had deemed suspicious from user's follower counts, as part of a recent push to promote accuracy on the ...

Donald Trump’s Twitter following is dropping bigly—and he’s not alone

Fastcompany Tech - Wed 11 Jul 18

Twitter shut down many accounts that had previously been locked because of unconventional behavior. President Trump likes to tout his massive Twitter following as a sign of his influence. But ...

Here’s why you may be losing Twitter followers

The Hindu - Thu 12 Jul 18

Intensifying its crackdown on fake and automated accounts, Twitter has said it will remove suspicious accounts from users’ followers to give a “mean