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Snapped up for $1bn: Facebook buys photo-sharing rival Instagram in record deal

The Independent - Mon 9 Apr 12

What do you get if you keep Mark Zuckerberg awake at night? One billion dollars, that's what.

Trove of 200,000 Titanic records goes online - Mon 9 Apr 12

A website published more than 200,000 documents on Monday relating to the sinking of the Titanic, to mark the disaster's 100th anniversary.

Facebook buys Instagram photo app for $1 bn - Mon 9 Apr 12

Facebook announced Monday that it made a billion-dollar-deal to buy the startup behind wildly popular smartphone photo sharing application Instagram.

Facebook to buy Instagram for $1bn

The Independent - Mon 9 Apr 12

Facebook will spend 1 billion dollars (£629 million) to buy the photo-sharing software company Instagram.

Facebook Spends $1 Billion on Photo-Sharing Network Instagram

MIT Technology Review - Mon 9 Apr 12

The move suggests that Facebook is willing to spend large sums to remain on top. Mark Zuckerberg made a rare public post to his Facebook page today to announce that his company is spending $1 ...

Deep science drove discovery of Titanic - Mon 9 Apr 12

Today, anyone with a wad of cash and a sense of adventure can dive to the Titanic's deepsea grave, but behind these tourist jaunts lies a long and daunting tale of scientific endeavour.

When did Facebook become so uncool?

CNN - Tue 10 Apr 12

Something strange happened Monday on the Internet.

Are mobile Internet users the next gold mine?

USA today - Tue 10 Apr 12

Facebook's purchase of Instagram could be just the start of a larger trend.

Facebook buys Instagram: 13 employees share $100m as CEO Kevin Systrom set to make $400m

Daily Mail - Tue 10 Apr 12

The deal comes days after the San-Fransisco-based photo-sharing service, which was started just 15-months ago, began offering a version for Android phones.

Facebook to buy Instagram for $1 billion

Reuters Technology - Tue 10 Apr 12

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook will pay $1 billion in cash and stock for Instagram, a 2-year-old photo-sharing application developer, in its largest-ever acquisition just months before the ...

Facebook to buy Instagram for $1 billion, Reuters Technology - Mon 9 Apr 12
Facebook to Buy Instagram for $1 Billion, Ubergizmo - Mon 9 Apr 12
Facebook to buy Instagram for $1 billion, Reuters Technology - Mon 9 Apr 12
Facebook to buy Instagram for $1 billion, Reuters Technology - Mon 9 Apr 12

Facebook buys Instagram for $1bn

BBC Technology - Tue 10 Apr 12

Facebook agrees to buy the photo sharing network Instagram a week after the service launches on Android.

Facebook buys Instagram for $1bn, BBC Technology - Mon 9 Apr 12

From 0 To $1 Billion In Two Years: Instagram's Rose-Tinted Ride To Glory

TechCrunch - Mon 9 Apr 12

Even now, it's still shocking how the remarkably low distribution costs of the web can change a founder's fate overnight. Many startups are duds, and most grow at a clip that's just not fast ...

Facestagram: Five New Features Facebook + Instagram Could Launch

TechCrunch - Mon 9 Apr 12

Picture being able to filter your Facebook photos, or use your Instagrams as Facebook Checkins. Though Instagram will remain its own "independent" app, its $1 billion acquisition by Facebook ...

Facebook to buy Instagram for $1 billion. Why so much? (+video)

The Christian Science Monitor - Mon 9 Apr 12

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced plans on Monday to acquire the photo sharing app Instagram. What could the future of their partnership hold?

Facebook to buy Instagram for $1 billion. Why so much?, The Christian Science Monitor - Mon 9 Apr 12

Facebook acquires Instagram in $1 billion deal

USA today - Mon 9 Apr 12

$1 billion for the photo-sharing service appears to be the most ever paid for an app.

Will Facebook ruin Instagram?

CNN - Mon 9 Apr 12

Facebook's purchase on Monday of the photo-sharing app Instagram had the Internet asking one question: Will the Goliath of social networking make Instagram so uncool or so Facebook-y that it ...

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg buys Instagram for $1bn

Daily Mail - Mon 9 Apr 12

The deal by Mr Zuckerberg comes days after the photo-sharing service began offering a version for Android phones.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg buys Instagram for $1bn, Daily Mail - Mon 9 Apr 12

Don't like Instagram deal? How to nix account

USA today - Mon 9 Apr 12

Some users concerned with privacy are deleting their Instagram accounts after Facebook deal.

Social Wars: Facebook spends $1 billion to keep Instagram off Google+ - Mon 9 Apr 12

If you’ve ever needed proof that we live in the future, the events of today should certainly suffice. Instagram, having only just last week seen a huge spike in its users by adding an ...

Insta-Backlash: Twitterverse Overreacts To Facebook's Instagram Acquisition, Users Delete Accounts

TechCrunch - Mon 9 Apr 12

Not everyone is happy about Facebook's acquisition of Instagram this morning, it seems. In an apparent insta-backlash, a bunch of folks are tweeting about their intentions to delete their Instagram ...

Breaking: Facebook Is Buying Instagram for a Billion Dollars

Popular Science - Mon 9 Apr 12

Mark Zuckerberg just announced that Facebook has agreed to buy mega-popular photo sharing service Instagram for $1 billion. Facebook's been on a buying spree of late, and has been beefing ...

Getting started with Instagram

FOXNews - Mon 9 Apr 12

Instagram isn't just for hipsters anymore. The photo-sharing app expanded beyond iPhones to Android devices last week. And today, it became a part of Facebook. Here's how to get the ...

Facebook to acquire Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock

Techspot - Mon 9 Apr 12

Social networking giant Facebook, which is in the process of going public with a record IPO that could value the company at about $100 billion, has just announced it is buying Instagram for ...

Facebook buying Instagram for $1 billion, won't cut off access to Twitter

Arstechnica - Mon 9 Apr 12

Facebook has agreed to purchase the photo sharing application Instagram for $1 billion. The popular photography application lets users take photographs, add a filter, and then share them to ...

Instagram Acquired by Facebook - Mon 9 Apr 12

Facebook has acquired Instagram, and their team will be joining Facebook, writes Mark Zuckerberg today on the company’s blog. Instagram, the popular mobile photo-sharing service will be ...

With Instagram Buy, Facebook Officially Pushes M&A Strategy Beyond The 'Acqui-hire'

TechCrunch - Mon 9 Apr 12

The very surprising announcement this morning that Facebook is acquiring Instagram for $1 billion says a lot about the state of the web startup ecosystem and the tech world at large -- and no ...

Facebook to snag Instagram for $1 billion

USA today - Mon 9 Apr 12

Social network announced it was acquiring photo-sharing mobile app for $1 billion.

Facebook To Acquire Instagram For $1 Billion, But Photo Sharer Will Remain Independent

TechCrunch - Mon 9 Apr 12

Facebook has just finished a deal to acquire Instagram. The compensation will be approximately $1 billion in cash and stock.  Instagram will continue to be built out independently from Facebook, ...

The unseen Titanic: Photos reveal life aboard doomed ship

FOXNews - Fri 6 Apr 12

The photographer, a Jesuit priest named Francis Browne, sailed the first leg of the Titanic's maiden voyage and had planned to stay on to New York but was ordered by his superior to return home ...

Intagram users jumping ship over Facebook acquistion

Techradar - Tue 10 Apr 12

Social networking giant Facebook bought social photo-sharing giant Instagram yesterday for $1 billion. And, although Facebook users' responses to CEO Mark Zuckerberg's announcement of the news ...

Topping 5 Million Android Downloads, Instagram Shows No Signs of Slowing

Wired Tech - Tue 10 Apr 12

The photo-sharing service Instagram surpassed five million downloads on the Android platform on Monday -- this no more than a week after the app's initial release on Google's platform.

Instagram Users Fail to Welcome Their New Overlord

Bits NY Times - Tue 10 Apr 12

Although some users embraced Mark Zuckerberg on Instagram after his $1 billion acquisition of the service, others took the opportunity to voice their dismay and share fears that Instagram will ...

Telegraph view: time is right for Facebook's investment in Instagram Tech - Tue 10 Apr 12

Emma Barnett, The Telegraph's Digital Media Editor, says Facebook's capture of Instagram will strengthen their dominance over photo-sharing, but the jury is still out over whether it is worth ...

Who's getting rich from Facebook's $1bn Instagram deal? Tech - Tue 10 Apr 12

Mark Zuckerberg first tried to recruit Instagram's founder and chief executive, Kevin Systrom, to Facebook in 2004 when he was still an undergraduate at Stanford University.

Facebook Makes a Play for Mobile with its Instagram Scoop

Bits NY Times - Mon 9 Apr 12

Instagram is in a position to help Facebook at the lucrative crossroads of pictures and mobile devices. Pictures are enormously important for Facebook, but it is not so easy to post a picture ...

Today's Scuttlebot: Humanoid Robots and Unlocking iPhones

Bits NY Times - Mon 9 Apr 12

The technology reporters and editors of The New York Times scour the Web for important and peculiar items. Monday's selection includes images of the way the Facebook-Instagram deal was reported, ...

Instagram deal: Just the start for a new Facebook

CNET Crave - Mon 9 Apr 12

Our grandchildren may one day call him the "Sultan of Social." (Credit: Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET) This January at CES in Las Vegas, Facebook's platform partnerships guru Justin Osofsky ...

Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion

Techradar - Mon 9 Apr 12

Facebook has just announced that it has bought the Instagram photo-sharing service for a cool $1 billion (around £630 million).The shock acquisition comes just days after the filter-friendly ...

Facebook to Buy Photo-Sharing Service Instagram for $1 Billion

Bits NY Times - Mon 9 Apr 12

Facebook, the world's largest social network, has agreed to buy Instagram, the popular mobile-centric photo-sharing network. Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook, announced the acquisition ...

Instagram for Android gets tablet, Wi-Fi, SD card support

CNET Crave - Fri 6 Apr 12

The app that can't be filtered out of your life. (Credit: Instagram) Instagram seems to be on a mission to add hipster photo filters to all your mobile devices this week. First, the long-awaited ...

iPhone users: Android is ruining our Instagram club

CNET Crave - Wed 4 Apr 12

My favorite Instagram pic sent in by a CNET Crave reader. (Credit: Instagram user mrluke) commentary Since Instagram became available for Android users yesterday, a lobby of "but that was OUR ...

Cover Your Fridge with Instagram Pics

Wired Tech - Tue 3 Apr 12

Share your Instagram photos on your fridge using the power of magnets.

Facebook buying photo-share app Instagram for $1B

R&D Mag - Mon 9 Apr 12

Facebook is spending $1 billion to buy the photo-sharing company Instagram in the social network's largest acquisition ever.On the surface, that's a huge sum for a tiny startup that has a handful ...

Instagram Finds New Home At Facebook

RedOrbit - Mon 9 Apr 12

Michael Harper for Facebook has just announced plans to buy the popular photo sharing app Instagram for a reported $1 billion. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement ...

Facebook grabs Instagram for $1B; app will still support other social networks

AXS - Mon 9 Apr 12

The hits just keep on rolling for Instagram. Not only did the company release an Android version of the app less than a week ago to wide fanfare, now, the company has hit the jackpot: they've...

What the Facebook purchase of Instagram means

AXS - Mon 9 Apr 12

The news today is all about Facebook spending $1 billion dollars in cash and stock to acquire Instagram and its team. The team, by the way, is only two people, according to Instagram's website. ...

Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion: What changes are in store for Instagram

AXS - Mon 9 Apr 12

Instagram fans, your favorite photo-sharing app is now owned by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg announced on April 9, 2012 that Facebook acquired Instagram for approximately $1 billion in cash and ...