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Timehop hack: 21 million users' data stolen in huge breach

The Independent - Mon 9 Jul 18

Users' phone numbers and personal information could be at risk

Timehop admits hackers stole more data than it thought

Daily Mail - Wed 11 Jul 18

Social memories app Timehop has revealed more details of the data breach that affected 21 million users, which it has now confirmed also included the dates of birth and gender of some users. ...

Timehop's breach included user birthdate and gender data

Engadget - Wed 11 Jul 18

It turns out that more than just names, usernames, email addresses and phone numbers were pilfered in the recent Timehop breach. You can add "birthdate" and "gender" ...

Timehop’s data breach included more personal user information than originally announced

The Verge - Wed 11 Jul 18

Timehop’s July 4th data breach was even worse than the company originally reported. More personal user data — including users’ dates of birth and genders — was compromised, ...

Timehop admits that additional personal data was compromised in breach

TechCrunch - Wed 11 Jul 18

Timehop is admitting that additional personal information was compromised in a data breach on July 4. The company first acknowledged the breach on Sunday, saying that users’ names, email ...

Timehop's lack of 2FA led to data breach affecting 21 million users

Techspot - Mon 9 Jul 18

Timehop wrote that the intrusion took place on July 4 and that users’ names and email addresses were exposed. Additionally, phone numbers linked to 4.7 million accounts were also stolen. The ...

Timehop admits attacker stole 21 million users' data

Engadget - Mon 9 Jul 18

Timehop, a popular app that reminds you of your social media posts from the same day in past years, is the latest service to suffer a data breach. The attacker struck on July 4th, and ...

Time capsule app Timehop suffered a July 4th data breach affecting 21 million users

The Verge - Mon 9 Jul 18

Timehop, an app that resurfaces social media posts of the past, suffered a data breach on July 4th, the company revealed on Sunday. The data of 21 million users was stolen, including ...

Data breach at media sharing app Timehop exposes 21 million users

USA today - Mon 9 Jul 18

Timehop, the app which shows what you posted on social media in previous years, said it “experienced a network intrusion” impacting 21 million of its users.        

Data breach on Timehop app exposes details of 21 MILLION users

Daily Mail - Mon 9 Jul 18

New York-based firm Timehop said that the details were stolen because it didn't use two factor authentication (2FA) on its cloud computing login.

Timehop database hack sees 21 million users' data stolen - CNET

CNET - Mon 9 Jul 18

The social media time capsule was hacked July 4.

Timehop discloses July 4 data breach affecting 21 million

TechCrunch - Mon 9 Jul 18

Timehop has disclosed a security breach that has compromised the personal data (names and emails) of 21 million users. Around a fifth of the affected users — or 4.7M — have also ...

Popular Facebook and Instagram add-on Timehop has been hacked

Techradar - Mon 9 Jul 18

Nostalgia app Timehop has revealed that it suffered a data breach on July 4 which affected 21 million users.