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iOS update: Latest iPhone software stops hackers breaking into your handsets through USB

The Independent - Tue 10 Jul 18

There appears to be a strange workaround that could still allow access

Apple Rolls Out Password Cracking Defense, With One Major Flaw

Extremetech - Tue 10 Jul 18

This feature blocks all USB access to a locked phone, but security researchers note that it's trivially easy to block that lockout with Apple's own accessories. The post Apple Rolls Out Password ...

Apple security flaw means police can crack a suspect's iPhones 

Daily Mail - Tue 10 Jul 18

The workaround was discovered by cybersecurity firm ElcomSoft, based in Moscow, who found a series of easy steps to render the new protection useless.

Apple launches iOS 11.4.1 with 'USB Restricted Mode'

Daily Mail - Mon 9 Jul 18

Apple new iOS 11.4.1 mobile update includes a feature, called USB Restricted Mode, which will make it harder for police to break into your phone without your permission.

New iOS 11.4.1 feature may protect your iPhone from getting hacked -- or cracked by cops

USA today - Mon 9 Jul 18

You may need to unlock your passcode-protected iOS device to connect it to a Mac, PC or USB accessory thanks to a new security feature in iOS 11.4.        

Apple’s iOS passcode cracking defense can be bypassed using a USB accessory

The Verge - Mon 9 Jul 18

Apple released iOS 11.4.1 this morning, and with it came a new software mechanism that blocks passcode cracking tools favored by law enforcement. Called USB Restricted Mode, the ...

iOS 11.4.1's 'USB Restricted Mode' will block law enforcement from using USB devices to crack device passcodes

Techspot - Mon 9 Jul 18

The many goodies arriving with iOS 12 may still be a ways away, but that doesn't mean users have nothing to look forward to in the meantime. On the contrary; the company today released the latest ...

Apple releases iOS 11.4.1 with USB Restricted Mode

Arstechnica - Mon 9 Jul 18

The iOS update also fixes bugs with AirPods and Exchange mail servers.

iOS update adds security-focused USB restricted mode

Engadget - Mon 9 Jul 18

Apple just released iOS 11.4.1 with an improved Find My AirPod feature and some stability fixes. It also appears to include USB Restricted Mode, a feature that was part of the 11.4.1 ...

iOS 11.4.1 is here, and the police may not be happy - CNET

CNET - Mon 9 Jul 18

Cops may have a hard time cracking your iPhone after this.

Apple releases iOS 11.4.1 and blocks passcode cracking tools used by police

The Verge - Mon 9 Jul 18

Apple today released iOS 11.4.1, and while most of us are already looking ahead to all the new stuff coming in iOS 12, this small update contains an important new security feature: ...

iOS 11.4.1 update 'improves' Find My AirPods feature

Engadget - Mon 9 Jul 18

It has been almost three months since Apple's last incremental update for various devices like Apple Watch, iPhones and Apple TV. While the upcoming iterations of the company's ...