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Instagram ramps up battle against bullying - Wed 10 Oct 18

Instagram on Tuesday added more weapons to battle cyber bullying, using artificial intelligence to scan photos for abusive content at the Facebook-owned service.

Instagram Leverages Machine Learning To Detect Bullying In Photos And Videos

HotHardware - Wed 10 Oct 18

Instagram wants to eliminate bullying on its platform and has announced new tools to do so. The service already has tools that allow people to report bullying, and when reported, the content ...

Instagram Employs Machine Learning to Stop Bullying - Wed 10 Oct 18

New Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri is only 10 days into the job and already introducing high-tech tools to limit bullying on the social network. “Online bullying is complex,” Mosseri ...

Instagram To Use Machine Learning To Spot Bullying In Photos

Ubergizmo - Tue 9 Oct 18

Bullying and harassment online is unfortunately more common than we’d like, although Instagram has introduced various tools to help keep such bullying out of the comments section. However ...

Instagram using AI to scan for bullying in photos and captions

Daily Mail - Tue 9 Oct 18

Instagram is taking action against trolls and bullies. The social media giant on Tuesday rolled out new machine learning tools that are able to 'proactively detect' bullying in photos and ...

Instagram turns to machine learning to proactively combat bullying

Techspot - Tue 9 Oct 18

Newly appointed Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has outlined the company’s ever-evolving approach to combating bullying. Allowing users to report content that potentially violates Instagram guidelines ...

Instagram's using AI to weed out bullying in photos, comments - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Tue 9 Oct 18

It's also adding a bullying comments filter for live videos and a kindness camera effect.

Instagram uses machine learning to spot bullying in photos

Engadget - Tue 9 Oct 18

Instagram can already thwart some bullying in comments. Now, however, it can do the same for photos. The social service is introducing a system that uses machine learning to "proactively" ...

Instagram is using AI to detect bullying in photos and captions

The Verge - Tue 9 Oct 18

Last year, Instagram introduced an enhanced comment filter that uses machine learning to spot offensive words and phrases in challenging contexts. Now, the company is expanding ...

Instagram now uses machine learning to detect bullying within photos

TechCrunch - Tue 9 Oct 18

Instagram and its users do benefit from the app’s ownership by Facebook, which invests tons in new artificial intelligence technologies. Now that AI could help keep Instagram more tolerable ...

Your mean-spirited Instagram photos may not survive this new anti-cyberbully AI

Fastcompany Tech - Wed 10 Oct 18

Instagram wants to #BeBest, basically. Instagram has conscripted artificial intelligence into the fight against cyberbullying. The social media site announced it is rolling out machine learning ...

Instagram Deploys a New Anti-Bullying Algorithm

Wired Tech - Tue 9 Oct 18

Instagram is now patrolling your feed to flag threatening photos and comments.