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PlayStation Network Screen Name Changes Are Coming Soon Sony Confirms

HotHardware - Wed 10 Oct 18

There are a few things that will follow you around for a long time, one of them being bad screen names. If you are a PlayStation gamer and have had a bad PlayStation Network ID for a long time ...

Change that embarrassing PlayStation account name starting next year

Arstechnica - Wed 10 Oct 18

First change is free, further changes cost $10, a la Xbox Live

Sony is finally going to let you change that awful PSN ID - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Wed 10 Oct 18

The feature will be available to everyone in early 2019.

Sony finally catches up to Xbox 360 and allows PSN name changes

Techspot - Wed 10 Oct 18

Sony first started PlayStation Network over a decade ago in 2006. Since then, PlayStation gamers have consistently bemoaned the inability to change their PSN name despite being able to on Microsoft's ...

Sony is finally letting PlayStation users change their PSN names

The Verge - Wed 10 Oct 18

It’s been years in the making, but Sony is finally letting PlayStation users change their PSN IDs. The long-awaited feature is launching in beta soon for members of the PlayStation ...

Sony will finally let you change your PSN Online ID

Engadget - Wed 10 Oct 18

After years of talking about the possibility of changing your PlayStation Network handle, Sony is finally close to making that seemingly basic feature a reality. The company has announced ...

PlayStation users will finally be able to change their PSN names - here's how

Techradar - Wed 10 Oct 18

Sony has announced it's testing a feature which will finally allow PlayStation users to change their PSN names.