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Grado cuts the cable for first open-backed Bluetooth headphones

Gizmag - Mon 15 Oct 18

Family-run audiophile favorites Grado Labs isn't one to blindly follow fads and fashion. The rest of the audio world may have been pumping out wireless headphones for ages, but Grado ...

Samsung Galaxy Watch Update Makes Some Improvements

Ubergizmo - Tue 16 Oct 18

Samsung is rolling out the second software update today for its new smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch. It was announced alongside the Galaxy Note 9 in August. The company has ditched the Gear branding ...

Latest Galaxy S9 Update Improves Front Camera

Ubergizmo - Mon 15 Oct 18

Samsung is rolling out a new software update for the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ today which is similar to the one released for the Galaxy Note 9 last month. The update’s changelog ...

Samsung's Feature-Packed Galaxy Watch Is A Killer Deal At $299

HotHardware - Mon 15 Oct 18

There are lots of wearable devices out there right now, and two of the most popular are the new Apple Watch Series 4 and the Galaxy Watch from Samsung. Right now, the Apple watch is $399 for ...

Essential’s Audio Adapter Stops By The FCC

Ubergizmo - Mon 15 Oct 18

The problem with smartphones these days is that many are starting to ditch the headphone jack. We imagine that in the next few years when wireless headphones become ubiquitous that this will ...

Focal’s Elegia headphone gobsmacks the Audiophiliac - CNET

CNET - Sat 13 Oct 18

It’s Focal’s first high-end closed back headphone, and sounds awfully good!

The new Razer Phone 2 tries again to make the 120Hz gamer phone a thing

Arstechnica - Thu 11 Oct 18

The 120Hz display is still the main draw.

Razer Phone 2 Gets RGB Logo, Even Higher $799 Price Tag

Extremetech - Thu 11 Oct 18

Gaming peripheral maker Razer launched its first phone last year with a gaming focus, and now it's back with the Razer Phone 2. It has a few new utilitarian features but also some RGB LEDs for ...

Razer Hammerhead USB-C Earphones Announced

Ubergizmo - Thu 11 Oct 18

These days we’re starting to see more wireless headphones released. This seems to follow the trend of smartphone makers deciding to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack on their phones, thus forcing ...

The Razer Phone 2 Has Been Officially Announced

Ubergizmo - Thu 11 Oct 18

The concept of gaming phones is a strange one, because for the most part most of these gaming phones tend to sport the same high-end features similar to other high-end flagship phones. However ...

Razer Phone 2 Entices Gamers With Snapdragon 845, Brighter 120Hz Display, Chroma Lighting

HotHardware - Thu 11 Oct 18

We've been hearing quite a bit about the Razer Phone 2 over the past few months, and today, the company finally announced its second-generation gaming phone. The Razer Phone 2 looks very ...

Razer Phone 2 hands-on: Closer to flagship

Engadget - Wed 10 Oct 18

Last year, Razer introduced its first-ever smartphone and, as you might've guessed, it was built for gamers. With a 120Hz screen refresh rate, a gorgeous display and a powerful ...

The Razer Phone 2 is poised to be the gaming phone to beat

The Verge - Wed 10 Oct 18

Razer is introducing a new flagship smartphone, the Razer Phone 2, that’s meant to establish a foothold in the new gaming phone market. I had the chance to spend some time with ...

Razer Raiju Mobile is a new gaming controller for Android - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Wed 10 Oct 18

Crack those knuckles and get ready for a lot of PUBG.

Razer soups up its gaming smartphone

TechCrunch - Wed 10 Oct 18

Razer is quick to refute any suggestions that its second phone is little more than an iterative update. Sure, the thing looks remarkably identical to its predecessor from the front, but the ...

Revamped Razer Phone 2 goes after mobile gamers and movie lovers

USA today - Wed 10 Oct 18

After already establishing a large gaming fan base, Razer is back to try and establish itself in the smartphone space with its Razer Phone 2.        

Razer Phone 2 Leaked Ahead Of Official Announcement

Ubergizmo - Wed 10 Oct 18

The Razer Phone 2 is expected to be officially announced in the next couple of hours. However ahead of the official announcement, it seems that someone at Amazon Italy might have allowed the ...

Razer Phone 2 event: Livestream, start time, what to expect - CNET

CNET - Wed 10 Oct 18

A new version of the Razer Phone is imminent.

Razer Phone 2 event: Livestream, start time, what to expect - CNET, CNET - Tue 9 Oct 18

Razer Phone 2 leaks thanks to premature Amazon listing

Engadget - Wed 10 Oct 18

Razer is expected to unveil its second phone today, and another leak has given us a more detailed look at what's to come. Last month, leaked images showed that the Razer Phone ...

Razer Phone 2 leaks hours before announcement: wireless charging and IP67 water resistance

Techspot - Wed 10 Oct 18

Mere days after pre-order and pricing information for Asus' gaming-focused ROG Phone hit the web, leaks regarding Razer's aptly-named Razer Phone 2 have also arrived, just hours before the smartphone ...

Razer Phone 2 leak reveals light-up logo, wireless charging, and water resistance

The Verge - Wed 10 Oct 18

The Razer Phone 2 is set to be announced later tonight at a keynote led by Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan. Previous leaks have shown that it will share a very similar design to the company’s ...

Marshall Minor II Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Announced

Ubergizmo - Tue 9 Oct 18

Marshall recently announced that they’ve updated their lineup of Bluetooth speakers. However in case you’re not necessarily in the market for Bluetooth speakers and would prefer a set of ...

Marshall Updates Its Bluetooth Speaker Lineup

Ubergizmo - Tue 9 Oct 18

Marshall is a company best-known by many musicians are producing some of the best amplifiers in the world for guitar and bass. Many legendary rock musicians have relied on Marshall in the past ...

Razer’s new phone takes a defiant stand against notches

Fastcompany Tech - Wed 10 Oct 18

Instead of copying Apple, the Razer Phone 2 embraces its bezels. When Apple released the iPhone X in late 2017, Android phone makers wasted little time embarrassing themselves with cheap imitations.Read ...

Razer Phone 2 arrives with light-up Chroma and a familiar look

Techradar - Wed 10 Oct 18

Razer hasn't written the rule book with the Phone 2, rather it's refined what it already had.

Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones get gold accents and new high-flying colors

Techradar - Wed 10 Oct 18

Beats by Dre's fancy wireless headphones get even fancier with the Skyline Collection line.