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MakerPhone comes as a kit you assemble and code to create a working mobile phone

Gizmag - Thu 11 Oct 18

Many of us carry a smartphone, but few of us know how it works. Croatian tech startup CircuitMess wants to change that with the MakerPhone, a build-it-yourself mobile phone aimed at ...

Samsung unveils bizarre new phone with 'world's first quad camera'

The Independent - Thu 11 Oct 18

The smartphone maker says the Galaxy A9 is 'optimised for the Instagram generation'

Make your own phone with MakerPhone (some soldering required)

TechCrunch - Sat 13 Oct 18

There's no shortage of interesting electronics kits out there to occupy an idle Sunday, but with this one you get a phone out of the bargain. The MakerPhone is a kit looking for funds on Kickstarter ...

Samsung Galaxy A9 With Quad Camera Setup Launched

Ubergizmo - Thu 11 Oct 18

There have been rumors that suggested that Samsung could have a smartphone with a quad camera setup in the works known as the Galaxy A9. In fact just earlier today a leak revealed the handset ...

Samsung announces the Galaxy A9, a mid-range smartphone with four rear cameras

Techspot - Thu 11 Oct 18

Yesterday, we reported on a leak for an upcoming Samsung device called the "A9 Star Pro." The leak contained images and hardware information about the device, suggesting it would be a mid-range ...

The cellphone you have to BUILD: $89 kit lets you make your own mobile handset

Daily Mail - Thu 11 Oct 18

The Croatian firm behind the Kickstarter kit says its should take about seven hours to build - and the finished phone will do everything from playing music and games to texting.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Gets Official With Quad-Cameras, Snapdragon 660 And Full HD+ Display

HotHardware - Thu 11 Oct 18

Phones with dual camera arrangements are increasingly common, and even having three rear cameras is no longer uncharted territory—Samsung offers one in the Galaxy A7. Kicking things up a ...

Samsung unveils first smartphone with four rear cameras

Daily Mail - Thu 11 Oct 18

The Korean company's new A9 device is being aimed at the 'Instagram generation', and will go on sale in the UK in November, starting at £549.

Want a healthier digital life? Try building your own smartphone

Fastcompany Tech - Mon 15 Oct 18

The makers of a DIY phone kit think building your own not-so-smart phone could foster a healthier relationship to screens. I used to love soldering back in the day of hobbyist electronics. ...

Samsung Galaxy A9 is the world's first quad-cam smartphone

Techradar - Thu 11 Oct 18

There are four rear cameras on the Samsung Galaxy A9.